This page will walk you through the installation of Kover.


Kover is written in Python and Cython. We provide an installer that should install most of the required Python packages automatically. However, some dependencies must be installed manually or using your operating system’s package manager (e.g.: apt-get on Linux and Homebrew on Mac). For each dependency, a link to further installation instructions is provided.

Need to install yourself

Will be installed automatically

*Numpy and Scipy can be installed automatically, but we recommend a manual installation for optimal performances.

Linux and Mac

Download the latest version of Kover from the GitHub repository (see below) or download the latest release.

git clone

Then, in the kover directory, run the installer (you might have to run it as super user):


This will build and install Kover and its dependencies. A bin directory containing the Kover executable will be created. You can add the bin directory to your $PATH environment variable by adding this command to your ~/.bashrc file:


Now change directories and test the installation:

kover --version

This should print the version of the command line interface (cli-x.y.z) and the core (core-x.y.z).

Thats it! You’re done.


Windows is currently not supported.